To prepare our students to take on leadership roles in the future, the school has its own students council which is democratically elected. The council after being formerly sworn in is involved in a wide range of projects including the development of clubs and societies and the organization of disciplinary systems and peer-counseling. This helps the students to take on more responsibility and accountability.


Dwaraka High School gives a lot of importance to balancing the academics with extracurricular activities so as to ensure overall development of the child. The school provides an array of

  • Sports
  • Visual and Performing arts
  • Clubs and Co-Curricular activities.
  • Learning for life
  • Field trips and picnics

Sowing seeds for the children skill development and making student life pleasurable and treasurable.


School assembly serve as a powerful motivator for the entire school. Everyday assembly at Dwaraka provides a platform for the children to build up their confidence and showcase their talents to overcome the stage fear. It helps to motivate the students with appreciation, rewards and accolades on performing well in academics and curricular activities. It has a potential to nurture and maintain a positive and healthy school culture which binds everyone together.